about the one who writes this journal

F3478712-0E4E-4417-AD9B-54D699F6B4FC.jpegWriter. Thinker. Dreamer. Designer. Believer.

All of these things are Carla Gade.

This is her little place to share the things she randomly contemplates.

This is her soap box, where she thinks outside the box, how to create a box, wonders what’s inside the box, and wraps the box. It’s a place for her to put some of the things that she feels are worth considering, and maybe even some things that are not.

Carla is one of the great thinkers of this world. Not that it makes such a difference. But perhaps it might when you consider her dappled ponderings.

See the picture in the header? That’s Carla in her thinking cap. Her teacher told her to put it on, yet never told her to take it off. So she thinks.

Confessions of an Infomaniac


3 thoughts on “about the one who writes this journal

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