Trival White House


The White House – 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

John and Abigail Adams were the first residents of the White House. George and Martha Washington lived in New York and Philadelphia.  President Washington oversaw the design of the White House.

Slaves helped build White House.    Slaves worked in the White House.

The White House has been called the “Executive Mansion”, the  “President’s Palace”, and the “President’s House”, but got its nickname of  “The White House” early on.  The presidential home was origianally white-washed to preserve the limestone and later painted.  Theodore Roosevelt made the nickname official in 1901.

The Château de Rastignac is often compared to the White House and vice-versa.

The White House is also a museum.


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During World War I the White House set an example of conservation. During today’s economy perhaps we should take a  hint.

Social functions were discontinued.

Mrs.  Wilson set meatless days, heatless days, Sundays were gasless days (no use of automobiles) and sewed pajamas for soldiers in hospitals.

18 sheep  grazed the presidential lawns, saving on cutting grass.  The wool was auctioned generating $52,823  for the Red Cross .  Proceeds from the fleece was give to each state.

Eleanor Roosevelt had a “Victory Garden” planted on the White House lawn.  The winning idea of was that the  Obama’s plant a Victory Garden.   More on Victory Gardening.  

Turning the White House green.  The Obama’s carrying on a presidential green tradition.  How the Bush’s were green.

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The Vice President does not live in the White House.  His residence is One Observatory Circle.

The first website for the White House is here. Reminiscences of early website development! LOL!  Another version is here.  I’m surprised they are still online.

The current White House website is here.  President Obama will use the site as a communication tool.  Find out all about the White House here.

The White House Historical Association has its own website with more  interesting facts and trivia.


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