The Intermediate State

If any Biblical topic gives me distress it the subject of the intermediate state, what happens between death and the resurrection. I have grappled with understanding this topic for so long now. I have had to lay aside the tradition and doctrinal distinctives my past theology to reconcile it with current teachings. The only solution is an in depth study of God’s Word. Lest I get caught up in the details, I must hold on to the current state of my peace with God and the assurance of the blessed hope that I have that I will indeed behold my Lord face to face, in His time.

That is the first key. It’s God’s story, it’s His time. In my effort to figure out things of and infinite God with my finite mind I must first acknowledge this truth. He is infinite. He is eternal. Yet he is in my own present now. The God in ages past. The same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He speaks of himself in a current state when he declares “I Am”.

Here are some excellent resources that have been of great help to me in discerning the truth, as far as I have the ability to comprehend. The rest is a mystery.  My conclusions on some of the details are still being pondered. Yet, this I know is true, that just as Jesus raised up little Tabitha, he one day will say to me, “Daughter, arise.”

The Intermediate State – Definition

The Complextities of Time
Lambert Dolphin
Includes insights from Arthur Custance and Ray Stedman

Journey out of Time – Arthur Custance
Absent from the Body – Chapter 6
Survey Of Thought Regarding The Intermediate State – Chapter 12

Time & God
Arthur Custance & Lambert Dolphin

Time, Eternity & the Ressurection
Ray Stedman, Authentic Christianity

God, Time and Eternity by William Lane Craig

Individual Eschatology: Death, The Intermediate State, Resurrection, and Judgment
Dr. Sam Storms

The Rich Man and Lazarus: An Intermediate State?
Luke 16:19-31

Waiting for the Second Coming
Ray Stedman

Questions About Eternity at Got Questions

What the Bible Says About Heaven and Eternity

By: Thomas Ice, Timothy Demy

“For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face-to-face:
now I know in part; but then I shall know even as also I am known.”

-I Corinthians 13.12


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