Spreading the Wealth Around

The concept seems attractive.  To the poor and middle class that is.  Who doesn’t want to see a little more of the green in their pocketbooks?  But through taxation?  Mercy.  Let’s not undermine our economy and hard working individuals in small business.  Entreprenuers and small businesses provide the background of our economy in the local community, which contributes to the health of our national economy.  It is the American way.  Taxation is not the avenue to take.  We do not need to become a socialistic society.  But beware my friends . . .

Consider this.  A hard working man comes home from work with a good buck in his pocket at the end of the week.  He pays fair taxes.  Yet he remains in the ranks of the unknown.  He maintains a  good reputation in his community.  He is respected and appreciated by his family.  And despite his well managed budget, it is still a a struggle to make ends meet.  His pay rate is not in proportion to the cost of living.   His rival?  Celebrety entertainers. Professional athletes. Politicians.  Idol worship.

It’s what our society has valued through the years that has set up such a ridiculous system that encourages an extraordinarily higher rate of monetary compensation for those who entertain us over those who serve us.   In this graph of 2007 Highest Paid Celebreties  you can see for yourself just how much our society is willing to pay to keep this vicious cycle going! Now take a look at what the average American earns annually.  The gap illustrates why there remains such a large majority of hardworking Americans, The Working Poor.   The Wage Gap for women is even greater.  The contrast is outrageous!  

Spreading the wealth around through taxation avenues is not the answer.  Valuing the person through just compensation for their hard work is.  Of course we cannot put a cap on the amount of wages that one can earn in a given occupation and increase the wages of lower paid occupations.  It’s not the American way.  Taxation is and always will be.  

We claim to be so sophisticated and intelligent.  I’m afraid, dear friends, we a simply self-defeating.


2 thoughts on “Spreading the Wealth Around

  1. I could not have said it better…well said! There is a GAP, however, the politicians, brokers, entertainers, professional sportsman, and many, many others that pay “homage” to the working class is doing really nothing more than just this…paying “homage.” It is FAKE, period. They sit up on their self made soap boxes and ACT as if they are truly concerned about the lines of separation. I cannot even be thankful that someone such as Obama says he is for the working class, because in the end, he truly is not. Words are futile without action…I do not want a hand out, but a good start to empathy in action would be for those that say they are for the working class to actually have BEEN from the working class…otherwise I am skeptical. And please, do not tell me Obama is from the working class. Let’s start with the truth here…

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