Drive-thru windows – it’s not about me

I went to the drive-thru at Tim Horton’s today, naturally thinking of my own convenience.  I was on the go so I didn’t go in.  It was raining so I didn’t go in.  It was raining and coming in my window while I placed my order.  I tried to be mindful of my tone-of voice because my kids inform me that I sound rude when I place my orders. I don’t mean to, I’m just not thinking about the way I sound.  I’m in a rush after all.  When I got to the pick-up  window more rain came in, and as I extended my arm it got really wet.  I was hoping my honey cruller wouldn’t get soggy in the transfer.  Then the worker asked me very politely if I would mind shutting off my windshield wipers.  I had them on full force and they were spraying her right into her window.  A job hazzard I never considered.  I started laughing as I apologized.  She wasn’t amused.  I don’t know if I was laughing because I was embarrased or that it just struck me funny.  Maybe both.  It reminded me of the time that I accidentally splashed an elderly lady who was standing on the sidewalk when I drove through a puddle.  My kids and I still laugh about it, although I was horrified at the time.  Today I drove away in my dry car sipping my coffee and feeling like a heal.  Relationship.  That’s what its all about.  Not me.  But whom I interact with, everywhere I go.  Love my neighbor.  Love the person at the drive-thru window.  And for heaven’s sake shut off my windshield wipers in the rain.

Drive Thru etiquette 101

Proper Drive-thru ettiquette


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