Chuck Norris for President


In Chuck Norris’ blog at Worldnet Daily, he muses about what it would be like if he were elected president in 2008. One would have to wonder if some attention seeking girl would make a video for him like the girl who has a crush on Obama. Well, Chuck Norris can have my vote, I think he would kick butt!

If I am elected president . . .


The Discarded Children of China

Recently, some headlines have caught my attention regarding the kidnapped, enslaved, and discarded children in China. China is not the only place where such atrocities occur, human trafficking and slavery is a terrible problem throughout the world. Children are so precious, it is hard to even imagine such disgraces.

I know of an American couple who have been trying for years to adopt a baby girl from China without success and having spent an astronomical amount in the process while having to renew fees that have expired because it has been taking so long. Meanwhile, these precious babies (girls and boys) are aborted, killed, placed in disgusting orphanages, kidnapped and put in to slavery, or worse.

Enslaved Children

Stolen newborns found

60,000,000 girls missing