“I want my art to draw people’s attention to God,
and I want my poetry to keep people’s attention to God.”
– Akiane

Akiane Kramarik is a 12-year-old child prodigy. A realist painter and poet, she is considered the only known child binary (dual) genius.

Akiane is internationally known. She has been inducted into the Kid’s Hall of Fame, selected as one of the top 20 artists in the world by Tribute Entertainment and ABI, featured numerous times on television and radio, and her website gets 150 million hits a year.

When she was only three years old, Akiane met God, although her parents were both athiests and she had no exposure to Christianity. Akiane began having visions of light and sound and communicating with God. “She started talking about God. And I was an atheist, so to me it was very strange,” says her mother. “What she was saying was something real to her. At first I thought it was a nightmare… but as time went on, I understood that those experiences were real to her and soon became a reality to our family, and got eventually converted to Christianity,”

She claims that her amazing ability to paint and write comes from inspiration from God, that He helps her to do her art. By the time she was four she started drawing . She completed her first painting at age six, and poetry at seven. Her paintings have been featured in many solo exhibits and sold for up to $50,000 a piece.

Here are some stanzas from the poem “Conversation with God” which Akiane composed at the age of eight.

I receive an envelope with the seal of Your lips
As I am waiting for You I get covered with dust
My heavy rope is full of holes and now it’s in a cast
But why are Your gates always higher than us

As we used to talk to each other before
The depth for notions true friendship deepens
Would you tear the tears from my salty fists
The leftovers of my house are just the seeds…

When questions question the questions
The docile answer kneels gently on dull knife
When I see You, Lord, my eyes do not blink
For if I blinked I would lose my whole life

Can I still grow up in the same womb
Can I hide inside your whitest hair
You say the narrow mind passes the answers
And whoever screams cannot see or hear

I see Your hands without the wrinkles, bones, or veins
Just the maps, just events, just the worlds, just the time
I see the waterfalls full of songs under stairs by Your feet
The poems whisper by the millions from Your mouth in rhyme…”

“God gives me this talent to share with others,
to share others with God’s love.” – Akiane



Christianity Today article

Akiane’s Website



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