The Jesus Family Tomb ~ Simply Put

I have already offered resources to substantiate the difficulties in the theory of “The Lost Tomb of Jesus”. Here I offer a simple list refuting ideas proposed in the theory.

  • The idea that the Talpiot tomb is the tomb of Jesus and his family contradicts the canonical Gospel accounts of the death and burial of Jesus as well as the earliest Christian traditions about Jesus, including non-Biblical accounts. It is also inconsistent with historical and archaeological facts about first century Jewish burial customs, in particular poor non-Judean families as was Jesus’.
  • The gnostic book The Gospel of Philip has not been accepted as a valid book of the Bible therefore should not be considered as evidence that Mariamne was Mary Magdalene.
  • The Mariamne who is said to be Mary Magdalene is also said to be Mary the brother of Philip in the Gospel of Philip. Philip is from Bethsaida. These ideas conflict.
  • The DNA that reveals that Jesus and Mariamne were not related does not prove that they were married. Even if they were married that is unimportant. What is important is that there is no evidence that this Jesus was Jesus of Nazareth or that Mariamne was Mary of Magdalena.
  • Historically, there is no evidence whatsoever that Jesus ever had a son. If Jesus did have a son, it was not “the beloved disciple”. That was the apostle John who died about 90 AD. “Judah, the son of Jesus” died before 70 AD.
  • The 1oth ossuary has been identified as one that was blank. It is not the ossuary of “James, the brother of Jesus” which is being disputed as a forgery.
  • The statistics used to establish a valid hypothesis were based on the theories assumptions, not of facts, therefore are invalid.
  • This theory disregards all historical proofs regarding the bodily resurrection and empty tomb of Jesus Christ.

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