Bones of Contention


The rediscovery of an ancient tomb in Jerusalem is now the focus of a new claim that the tomb of Jesus Christ and his family has been found and by James Cameron, director of the Titanic, no less. How lucky for him! James Cameron, along with the “Naked Archaeologist, Simcha Jacobovici have been exploring this remarkable find and have been busy producing a documentary which will air on The Discovery Channel Sunday, March 4th at 9 pm (EST).



The Discovery Channel claims that the evidence could be the `greatest archaeological find in history’. So what are the claims? The Cameron & Jacobovic theory contends that DNA evidence and statistical analysis of a set of 2,000-year-old stone coffins found in Talpiot, Jerusalem in 1980 once held the remains of Jesus Christ and his family, including a wife and son. Right on the heels of fictitious The DaVinci Code and the fraudulent ossuary of James, the brother of Jesus.

Five of the 10 discovered boxes in the Talpiot tomb are inscribed with names that are commonly associated with Jesus Christ: Yeshua bar Joseph (Jesus son of Joseph), Maria (Miriam/Mary), Joses, Matia (Matthew), and Mariamene e Mara, who they claim could be Mary Magdalene as this Greek inscription can be transcribed, “Mary known as the Master”. A sixth ossuary is inscribed Judah Son of Jesus. According to Amos Knoner, Israeli archaelogist, these names were all common 1st century names in that area. Knoner told the BBC News website, “I don’t accept the news that it was used by by Jesus or his family. The documentary filmmakers are using it to sell their film.” Another Israeli archeologist, Danny Bahat, states that “Yeshua was such a popular name during the Second Temple Period. The fact that you have such similar names is due to the fact that these were the prevalent names during that time.”

Besides, despite all of their “evidence” there is absolutely no way to conclude that the Jesus, son of Joseph’s tomb ever belonged to Jesus Christ, the Son of God. They can do all the speculating and theorizing they try, but it ain’t going to happen folks! There is more historical evidence to conclude the opposite, of the empty tomb of Jesus Christ and a resurrected and risen Christ who appeared after the crucifixion.

Cameron says, “It doesn’t get bigger than this. We’ve done our homework; we’ve made the case; and now it’s time for the debate to begin.” Debating, indeed. The debate has already begun prior to the airing of the documentary and with an astounding response from the news media and all over the internet. The theory raises more questions than it answers. I think that is really what this is all about. Creating doubt. Isn’t that one of the devil’s oldest tricks in the book? This preposterous idea discredits the historical evidences in the Bible, and thus the Bible as a valid resource of truth, despite it’s reliable proofs.

So the questions abound:

  • What is Jesus’ family doing buried in Jerusalem?
  • Would not such a tomb become public knowledge at the time of burial and have provided proof of Jesus not having died after the crucifixion back then?
  • If the Mariamene DNA is not related to the Jesus DNA, does that prove a marriage?
  • Can it be proven that Mariamene e Mara is indeed Mary Magdalene?
  • What is Matthew doing buried in Jesus’ family tomb?

The team says that their findings do not conflict with the fundamental Christian belief Jesus was resurrected three days after his crucifixion. They say that their could have been a spiritual resurrection rather than a physical one. This however, contradicts all other historical evidence that supports a risen and resurrected Christ including over 500 eye witnesses to Jesus with a physical body that could fed and touched. In addition it disputes the validity of the historical information regarding the tomb where Jesus was buried, provided by Joseph of Arimathea and found empty. No bones about it.


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(Caution, please use your brain when evaluating these claims.)



In the East





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