On a roll . . .



Yes, you heard correctly. You will find it on my shopping list discretely tagged “TP”. I am a fanatic – my rolls must be double ply, double roll, quilted. That’s the bottom line.

Here are some things about TP that you just need to know. Really, you do.

History of Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper Curiosities

What Did They Use Before Toilet Paper?

Toilet Paper World

The Great Toilet Paper Shortage


Well, that’s about all I have to say on the subject except that I don’t ever think I’ll look at an ear of corn the same way again.

POLL: Are you a single ply or double ply user?


One thought on “On a roll . . .

  1. This is TOTALLY fascinating! Now I know WAY more about toilet paper than I ever thought I wanted to know. In fact, I feel like an expert now. (Do I feel a Squidoo page coming on?)

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